BarHumBug: Reasons for Rambling

Qualifying into law is proving to be pretty much impossible, and being miserable and dissatisfied in a mundane and demeaning job, not seeming to get anywhere with my career nor having any meaningful level of control over it, is getting tiresome and pretty unbearable – it has taken me a while to appreciate that it’s not okay to want to just sit at your desk and cry in frustration everyday, several times a day.

So I recently decided enough is enough and to regain some certainty in and control over my life and general happiness. My chosen remedy is, unoriginally, travelling. One trip a month, somewhere cheap and cheerful to get out of London and give me something to plan and look forward to, as well as, providing a break from pupillage/training contract applications.

I don’t really use social media, but enjoy writing and thought that a blog would be a good way to document my trips, whilst practicing my writing skills – something that I don’t get to really do in my job. However, as the trips will only be once a month, I thought I’d better flesh out the blog with ramblings of other sorts.

It’s a work in progress, but my key areas will be: trying to break into law – the thankless life of a paralegal and the emotional rollercoaster applications and interviews. Also, despite living in London, I don’t experience enough of the City, so hopefully having this blog will motivate me to seek out more opportunities and make the most out of London. Importantly, it could also provide justification for me to sample different cafes – this shall be my coffee and croissant section. Sampling coffee alone is quite a narrow review, so I thought, for the sake of science, to broaden the variables in my sampling and the ‘Bar’ in BarHumBug also provides a useful Segway into cocktail reviewing and general drinking. I went to a beer festival last weekend to help me prepare for the mission ahead.

But on a serious note, one thing about living in London that I still find shocking after four years of being here and something that I want to highlight and learn more about, is homelessness. I have been wanting to do something in my own small way to understand and help people who sleep on the streets and I think that this blog could help me do that. My aim is, rather than give someone my spare change or buy them a Big Mac and a hot chocolate when it’s raining, is to spend time talking to different homeless people, maybe even over a burger or two, to listen to their stories rather than just assume and judge their situation.

Thinking out loud, I also play a few sports, football and netball and rock climb, so these could feature in someway. Also, cycling in London itself and documenting the recklessness and stupidity of my fellow cyclists, could be a full-time blog in and of itself. But I’ll just probably keep is to a small section – the cynical city cyclist.

So at present, the blog, like me, is a little confused and in need to some structure and guidance. But it, I suppose also like me, is a work in progress. Hopefully I can shape it into something meaningful and rewarding and share my experiences and ramblings along the way.