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Delayed gratification

cropped-bhb_banner.pngExcellent news, earlier this week I found out that I have gotten through to the next stage of the training contract application process for my current employer. The next step being an online gaming test, which is quite innovate and refreshingly different. However, I have not really played games on a phone since Snake II on my Nokia 3310 in the early 2000s, so I am particularly nervous that my career could be scuppered by my undeviating indifference towards The Sims, FarmVille and Candy Crush.

After a couple of days dwelling in the regret of not jumping on the Angry Birds bandwagon all those years ago, I decide to play the game. It wasn’t too bad, in fact, I would go so far as to say that I enjoyed it. The game tested a range of competencies, from perseverance and performance under pressure to propensity for delayed gratification, and had a number of different levels. As soon as it was completed, I was sent a profile on my performance. It’s interesting the psychometric data on me that was gleaned from playing the game, such as enjoying socialising but also valuing time alone – I don’t understand how this, albeit accurate, assessment was made from launching rockets or selecting between robots. But hopefully I collected enough stars and have ticked enough boxes to make it through to the next round.

Pupillage wise, out of the twelve chambers I applied to through the portal, nine have rejected me at first instance and three are yet to respond – one of the sets have sent an apologetic holding email, but still, the application deadline was nearly two months ago. So it will be another year until I can apply to these chambers again, meaning that if, for some inexplicable reason, I were successful in the 2018 round, the placement would be unlikely to commence until 2020, which would take me to 2021 until I actually qualify… By that time, I would have seen my third Olympics pass since endeavouring to secure a legal trainee placement, Brood X, the largest brood of North American seventeen-year cicadas will have emerged, and, apparently, London’s Crossrail will be in full service. I feel like two of these may be slightly more certain than the remaining one.

Oh yes, and Brexit would have happened – completely altering the country’s legal, economic and political foundations in unprecedented and inconceivable ways, making it near on impossible to imagine and plan for a career as a qualified lawyer in 2021, should I be fortunate enough to start that ‘early’. If I secure a training contract, it is unlikely to commence until 2019, meaning that, as it is a two-year placement, I still wouldn’t qualify until Brood X emerge, breed and die – having probably achieved more in those two weeks of active life, than I would have done in the entire seventeen years since their dormancy begun.